Simple Questions


Can I purchase my own Hosting?

Yes. Some of our clients have their hosting and domain name already setup when they seek our services.


Is the domain name included with the site design?

It can be. We will explain all the things you will need and help you get them within your budget. We can provide it all but if you have a better deal on some parts of the process, we can work with that too.


Is it cheaper to purchase a template?

Yes. When we use a template, you pay for the template and then we charge for the changes based on how long it takes to make the changes. So there is a lot of potential for savings. This method is also faster.


Is it cheaper to get hosting and maintenance together?

Yes. We offer hosting and maintenance plans that start at $25 per month. If you pay for the plan by the quarter or the year, you will pay a little more if you pay by the month.


When will I see my site in Google??

It usually takes Google's bots 48 hours to scan your page and verify your site to be added to its listings. Read "this article" to learn how Google ranks sites (put them at the top).


Who owns my site when it is complete?

Once we are finish with the design process, the site goes live and the final payment is made, the site ecomes the property of the client. We will provide the original site on CD to the client and we will give all of the passwords needed for the site data to the client.